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The Land Stewards provides a turn-key operation for storm water compliance by giving our clients options for QSP/D inspection services as well as erosion control installation and maintenance. 

Consistently delivering success using Best Available Technologies (BAT) and

Best Conventional Pollution Control Technologies (BCT) that fit our client's project needs.

As an Industry leader in Southern California for more than 25 years, The Land Stewards offers professional QSP/D consulting, installation, high-quality products and comprehensive services covering all aspects of SWPPP, erosion, sediment, and dust control needs.  Our first location was in Miramar and we eventually grew to service all Southern California Counties. The Land Stewards is a certified Local Business and Small Business for Public Works. We have an extensive list of residential and commercial clientele and take on small and large projects alike.


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The Land Stewards provide:

  • Erosion/Sediment Control Installation & Maintenance

  • Weed Abatement

  • Street Sweeping

  • Concrete Washouts

  • Minor Grading

  • PM-10/AQMD

  • QSP Inspections

  • SMARTS (I.E. Annual Reports, Notice of Terminations, etc.)

  • SWPPP Trainings

  • On Site SWPPP Paperwork

  • Consulting Work for City, County, and State SWPPP Inspections

  • Sampling and Rain Preparation

  • Turn-key Operation for Storm Water Compliance

  • Relationships with Local Government Agencies & Regional Quality Water Board



Empty Bags

Poly Bags (14” x 26”) 1600 hr. (UV Rating)

Filter Fabric Bags Burlap Bags (14” x 26”)

Brown 7 oz. Monofilament Bags

Logo Bags on Request

Channel Liners

Coconut Blanket

Coir Blanket

Erosion Control

Jute Netting

Straw Blanket

Straw Coconut Blanket

Coconut Blanket

Bonded Fiber Matrix Earthguard (SFM)

Amoco Woven and Non-Woven

TRM Blankets Excelsior Blankets

Visqueen (20.0' x 100', 900 sf / 10mil)

Pre-Fabricated Fences

TLS 100B Biological Fence

TLS 100CX Silt Fence 3ft x 100” (Black & Orange)

Wire Back Silt Fence 36’ x 100’

Sediment Control

Poly Sand Bags

Poly Gravel Bags

Burlap Gravel Bags

Monofilament Gravel Bags

Filter Fabric Rock Socks

ACF Silt Sacks

Fiber Rolls / Straw Wattles

Hay Bales Visqueen 10 Mil. Black Gator Guards

Filter Fabric Curb Inlet Guards




ACF Dirt Bag Kristar Bag


Storm Clear Silt Sacks


Jute Net Staples

Silt Fence Stakes

Fiber Roll Stakes

Wire Ties

Nails with Washers

T-Bar Posts

Safety Fence

Rumble Plates


Concrete Washouts

BMP install - fiber roll.jpg


To gain and maintain preferred status with our customers by providing reliable, cost effective, compliant erosion and sediment control solutions that enhance the environment and the quality of life for our customers, employees, communities and future generations.

our mission
High Point2.jpg


To redefine our industry by creating a premier, disciplined and process-driven company as measured by our customers and employees.

Avion 1.jpg


Communication: To be effective and open with verbal and non-verbal communication.


Honesty: Honesty is being sincere, truthful, trustworthy, honorable, fair, genuine, and loyal with integrity.


Pride: Pride is the happy, satisfied feeling somebody experiences when having or achieving something special that other people admire.

Fairness: Exhibiting a disposition that is free of favoritism or bias.  Consistent with rules, logic, or ethics. 


Strive for Excellence: The desire and drive to make the company and oneself better.

Accountability: Accountability is being responsible for somebody else or responsible for your actions.


Openness to Learn: To know something: to acquire knowledge of a subject or skill through education or experience.  To be adaptable.


Mutual Respect: To show consideration or thoughtfulness in relation to our fellow employee or client (via language and cultural differences).

Teamwork/Team Building: The number of people organized to function cooperatively as a group to accomplish goals.

Safety: Helps maintain a safe work environment.  SAFETY FIRST!



John is an active advocate within the stormwater industry and his expertise is well known within the stormwater community. With a background in landscape architecture and horticulture, John began work in the land development field in the late 1970’s.  Originally from Venice Beach, CA he sold his landscape business and relocated to San Diego in 1983 and has been a resident ever since.

John began his work in the stormwater industry providing sandbag services to the residential homebuilding sector during the market downturn in the late 1980’s.  During that, many sites were left partially finished and needed sediment control to protect the infrastructure until the projects were resold.  In the early 1990’s John started working with Mike Harding of Geosyntec Inc. on the post fire remediation following the Laguna fire.  He and Mike worked together to develop and provide BMP training for the stormwater industry during that time period.  He also worked with Hossain Kazemi, whom he credits with providing the first education platforms for the stormwater industry.  Hossain was integral in the early development of guidelines for the many documentation and field inspection processes that are now common practice in the industry.

The Land Stewards is a family run business with his wife Leysa.  John and Leysa have one daughter, Torrey, who is currently in law school.  John’s hobbies include surfing, basketball, golf and travel.  He especially enjoys when his travel includes surfing.

Our Team.


John Gentillon
Chief Executive Officer

Leysa Swanson Gentillon 


Jose Baez
Area Manager,

San Diego

Greg Brongiel
Human Resorces,


Accounting & Purchasing

Keith Marshall
Purchasing Manager

Office Manager

Abigail Saldivar

Accounts Payable

Nancy Acosta

Aceli Acosta


Tara Durutovic
Jordan Sanchez



Michael Madison 
Area Manager,

San Diego 

Juan Linares
Area Manager,

San Diego 

Drew Bittle 
Area Manager,

Inland Empire 

Silver Sandoval
Area Manager,

Coachella Valley


Hunter Maul

Stormwater Program

Manager, QSP/D

Bryan Cooley 

Stormwater Compliance

Manager, QSP

Kevin D'Agostino

Assistant Stormwater

Program Manager, QSP/D

Luka Durutovic

Qualified Stormwater Practitioner, QSP

Anthony Zuniga 

Stormwater Assistant Marketing Manager, QSP

Tyler Krutzsch 

Qualified Stormwater Practitioner, QSP

Ted Friedrichs

IT Development, QSP

Sales & Marketing

Jose Zuniga

Safety Manager, QSP 

Steven Gutwein

Construction Estimator,


Gardner Kennedy

Business Development 

Cleo Maul 

Executive Assistant


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